Dreaming of Healthy alcoholic drinks that give you the spin and yet lets you achieve your health goals? Sounds amazing. Isn’t it?

The article tells you about 3 Healthy alcoholic drinks you should consider adding to your menu right now.

However, before we start let us build a quick perspective. Post Covid-19 pandemic, 13.5 % of people in the USA alone have agreed that their consumption of liquor has increased phenomenally. To add to this, 85% of people in the USA do not have any plans to cut down on their liquor consumption habits. 11.9% of people reported heavy drinking in the last 30 days.

On the other hand, let us also quickly look into some health-related facts. In the USA, less than 5% of people are involved in physical activity for 30 minutes or more on a daily basis. More than 80% of adults in the USA, do not meet the guidelines for aerobics and muscle-strengthening activities. Also, the average screen time of children in the USA is over 7.5 hours.

Thus, it is best to choose the healthiest alcoholic drinks for weight loss. The post will relate to people who cannot quit. At least, you can order healthy alcoholic cocktails when you hit a bar this weekend.

Sounds interesting. Isn’t it? So then, let us start.

1. Tequila


Healthy alcoholic drinks


Tequila is the best option for diabetics. It has some amazing health benefits that will take you by surprise. Tequila contains agavins. This is a natural sugar. In other words, tequila has traces of natural sugar (like fiber) that helps you regulate your blood sugar levels. Further, tequila is a great drink if weight loss is on your mind.

Hence, tequila is a great option for 34.1 million American citizens (10.5 % of the US population) suffering from diabetes.

2. Red Wine

Healthy alcoholic drinks
Healthy alcoholic drinks

Yet another drink with some amazing health benefits. To begin with, be appraised that all the wine you consume converts into sugar. However, red wine in particular has some active compounds that having health benefits worth a mention. Active compounds like polyphenol, resveratrol, and quercetin positively impact your heart.

Furthermore, red wine slows down the rate at which glucose penetrates into your bloodstream. This in turn stops insulin from shooting up. To add to this, red wine is well known in many European geographies as an appetizer. So, consuming 5 oz red wine is the healthiest way to drink alcohol especially for people complaining about a loss in their appetite.

In a summary, red wine is the best source of alcohol for 18.2 million Americans (6.7% of the population) who are suffering from heart diseases.

  1. Rum

Healthy alcoholic drinks


The benefits of rum will just take you by surprise. What if I tell you rum should be the most preferred form of alcohol for students? Yes – you heard it right.  Rum has molasses and other sugarcane products. Rum is known to enhance mental health in multiple ways.

To conclude, consuming a certain amount of alcohol has amazing health benefits. Though, there is nothing better than a natural diet and workouts to keep yourself fit. However, if you have a critical illness like diabetes, heart diseases, obesity, etc and you cannot quit liquor completely go for the above three drinks instead of any other form of alcohol respectively.

Happy drinking


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